Jess Ardizzone

I’m an illustrator and advertising creative, originally from Italy. My family is from Sicily, an island in the South, but I was born in the North, near Milan so while..

billie kaur richardson

A Pop-Up Pathways Into Mentee and self taught artist. Contact: billie.k.richardson[at]

Maite Leon

Maite Leon is a French-Greek artist illustrator, working and living in Paris. She works for the press (Le Monde, La société des lecteurs du Monde) and exhibits her work in..

Neelam Modi – Madden

Neelam is a UK-based Indian illustrator with a style that is both witty and whimsical. She is happy working with paints, inks and digital media, but is particularly partial to..

Rachel Akerman

hello! I’m Rachel, an illustrator living in the South West of England with my small black dog Chip. When I’m not behind my desk drawing, I love spending time outdoors..

Sasha Ignatiadou

Hello and welcome, I’m Sasha Ignatiadou, a professional artist and illustrator. I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator since 2018. I have a background in fine arts, with six years..