VIRTUAL Risograph Basics with Outlet!

May 8 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Want to learn what risograph printing is? Want to meet others who do too? Come learn all the basics & make a print via this online workshop.

About this Event

Welcome to our Risograph Basics course: a printing, collage, experimentation, and mark making extravaganza! Get to know Outlet and our RISO sisters (Barbara, Janet, Corita, and Tina) and learn the basics of this fun and unique print method with Kate Bingaman-Burt!

This workshop is a great place to start if you’re new to riso, or if you’d like a refresher! We’ll take a deep dive into risograph history, an overview of how these machines work, the stencil-duplicator process, and the quirks and fun (sometimes unpredictable) outcomes of riso printing. The main focus of this class is EXPERIMENTATION. We’ll share print and zine inspiration, favorite mark making tools and how to use them for riso, and we’ll walk through a print demo on two of our riso printers! This class is led by Kate Bingaman-Burt and Leland Vaughan, with the help of the rest of the crew at Outlet and our riso sisters—Barbara, Janet, Corita, and Lil’ Tina (yes we named all of our printers).

Depending on the workshop ticket tier you choose, this class culminates in making a 2-color riso print edition that is mailed to you, along with a copy of everyone else’s prints from the class!

Supplies Needed

  • A laptop or similar smart device with Zoom downloaded.
  • Blank paper or a sketchbook (we’ll also provide a mark making worksheet before class).
  • Your favorite darker mark making tools (colors closer to black, dark blue, red, and green work best with the riso—try to stay away from yellows and other light colors).
  • We encourage you to try using only analog tools for this workshop (working with your hands and getting messy is part of the fun!) but you can also use your favorite digital tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, etc.
  • Not required but also fun: collage materials and cut paper to play with!

Skill Level

  • Any! This a good introductory class if you’re looking to get started with riso, but we also dedicate some time to details and set aside Q&A time at the end of the workshop for more seasoned riso enthusiasts!

Workshop Fee & Ticketing

To make this workshop as accessible as possible, we’re offering several tiers of participation based on what folks can afford. The ticket price is donation so please input your price at check out. Click here for tickets and details