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How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: Workshop and Q&A with Laurie Rosenwald

December 2 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

A creative workshop celebrating the launch of Laurie Rosenwald’s new book ‘How to Make Mistakes on Purpose’.

Join us for an interactive evening with Illustrator Laurie Rosenwald, as we celebrate her new title How to Make Mistakes on Purpose, a practical guide to being creative, productive, and innovative.

This event will include an interactive workshop, to help illustrators experiment in their work and generate ideas more freely. Followed by an audience Q&A, where you can find out more about Laurie Rosenwald’s own creative process.

The Workshop:

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: The Workshop” is usually described as a creativity workshop, but trying to be creative works about as well as trying to be charming. Shared tastes and experiences, plus digital technology equal no surprises. Computers don’t make mistakes. Things invented by accident are particularly fun and exciting. Champagne, Popsicles, LSD and Pringles? Yes please, it’s party time!

When you surprise yourself, you surprise others. And that is priceless in a world where everything seems to have been done. Workshops help people invent and discover stuff. And to get unstuck when they’re stuck. You might invent a thing that saves lives, a new dessert, or a lucrative investment. Thousands of workshop participants swear omertà, the mafia code of silence. What we do in our workshop’s been top secret…until now!

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose” workshops have been held for Google, Ted-x, Adobe, Ikea, Scholastic, Starbucks, Artek, American Greetings, Kikkerland, Meredith, and more. Important: It’s not just for design people. Anybody can participate. Also, it’s just plain fun. Remember fun?


The Author:

Laurie Rosenwald is a NYC-based illustrator, artist, designer, and book creator whose work is a mix of collage, drawing, painting, and storytelling. In addition to her many editorial illustrations for a wide variety of publications, Rosenwald has created animation, product design, and leads an ongoing workshop, “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose.” She has worked with brands such as Ikea, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Target, the Sundance Channel, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Bravo, Nickelodeon, Conde Nast, and The Whitney Museum.





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