Klaus Flugge Prize Shortlist 2022

The shortlist for the Klaus Flugge Prize has been announced for 2022. Themes from the books include the importance of choice, the urgency of cleaning our polluted oceans, and being yourself.

Review of working conditions in the Creative Industries

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre has launched a Call for Evidence for a new independent review of working conditions in the Creative Industries to inform a ten-year roadmap for advancing Good Work across the Creative sector.

Universal Credit: are you affected by the rule change?

The Department of Work and Pensions has announced changes to Universal Credit requirements. The changes mean the DWP can now make claimants start to look for any job after four weeks of receiving benefits, instead of the current three months. Are you impacted?

Pay the Creator campaign

Pay the Creator is a Creators’ Rights Alliance campaign highlighting the disparity between creators and other sector workers in the areas of pay, business support and policy making.