The Story Thief – review

Olive, who lives by the shores of a small port town loves books. She is a shy child and will only leave the house to borrow them from her Library in Craggy Bay. After Olive loses her latest Library book there begins a mystery that affects the whole town. Just what is going on? Asks reviewer Karl Foster.

Orwell – review

Orwell is the new graphic novel by Pierre Christin and Sébastien Verdier tracing the life of the famous writer, know for ‘1984’. Reviewed by Louise Date ‘The whole book reads like a rip-roaring adventure’.

Atlas of Amazing Architecture – review + interview

Atlas of Amazing Architecture will draw young and older readers in, delighting in a wide ranging exploration of fascinating buildings who are now getting a bit more exposure thanks to this fun and informative book.

How to Sell Your Artwork Online: Insights with Jacqueline Colley

Illustrator, muralist and AOI Member Coco Lom has been recently interviewed by our friends and insurance company Williamson Carson, as part of their online journal articles. Titled “The one to watch: Coco Lom’s joyful & colourful art and photography is making waves”, we share an excerpt of the piece.

A Match for a Mermaid – review

Malu, the Mermaid Queen decides it is time to find a consort and she employs her chief hand-maid Brooke to make it so. Reviewer, Karl Foster, says the story is designed to help us to understand that each time that you look far and wide you also need to remember to look closer to home for solutions