Review of working conditions in the Creative Industries

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC)* has launched a Call for Evidence for a new independent review of working conditions in the Creative Industries to inform a ten-year roadmap for advancing Good Work across the Creative sector.

Enhancing job quality and promoting work that is good, fair and decent is a priority for each UK nation. While creative work can offer fulfilment and purpose, as illustrators will be aware, parts of the Creative Industries pay can be low, hours long and work precarious – often to the detriment of the diversity and wellbeing of those working in the Creative sector.

What is Good Work?

Looking beyond minimum statutory employment rights and protections, Good Work includes seeking to unlock the benefits of high-quality work for individuals, employers, the economy and society.

While there is no widely adopted definition, most Good, Fair and Decent Work Frameworks suggest that ‘good’ work is characterised as offering:

fair reward, terms and conditions;

that counterbalances security and flexibility;

where workers have agency, voice and representation;

which offers opportunity to utilise skills, develop and progress, in a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.

Equality in access to opportunities and experiences at work for those from all backgrounds is a crucial underpinning principle.

How to respond to the Good Work Review

Individual creatives are encouraged to share their experiences, and you do not need to complete all the questions. Any insight and evidence you are able to share as an illustrator will be useful for the review.

The main areas that the AOI consider important for freelance creatives to make what they do Good Work are:

Fair contracts from commissioners – enabled by legislation (see Fair terms For Creators campaign from the CRA)

Appropriate remuneration for every commission – Supported and incentivised by the ability for professional bodies to produce transparent fee guidelines and minimums for creatives (illustrators)

Encourage illustration commissioners to recognise the value images bring to their businesses and to ensure that value is reflected in the fees offered to/accepted from freelancers.

You may find these points useful for responding to question 14: What would Good Work look like for Creative freelancers, and how can this best be enabled, supported and incentivised?

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 29 April 2022

*The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC) works to support the growth of the UK’s creative industries through the production of independent and authoritative evidence and policy advice.

13th April 2022

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