Drawing Architecture – a showcase

Last week, our wonderful members Lana Lê and Natasha Knight led another brilliant online meet up for London-based (and beyond!) illustrators.

Caribbean illustrator Elizabeth Lander was invited to guest-host the session. She shared her passion for architecture and culture, and invited all participants to explore her native Grenada through architectural drawing. Reflecting on the event, she says:

“I was happy to have had this opportunity to share information about my home country and grow interest in it beyond the typical way someone may view life in the Caribbean. Architecture can be a great tool for communicating history and culture.”

The work produced was varied, loose, colourful, and simply wonderful. We can’t help but share some of the results below! and make sure to click on each of their images to see more of their fantastic works.

Sarah Jennings

“This was my first time at an AOI meet up and I really enjoyed it. There was a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Not only did I get lots of sketching done but it was also really interesting to hear facts about the architecture and Elizabeth’s illustration process. I finished the session with a new found appreciation for drawing buildings.”

Sakina Saidi

“I absolutely loved this draw along with Elizabeth Lander. It was very interesting to discover Grenada through the architecture and learn more about her experience.”

Florence Goodhand-Tait & Lana Lê

Alastair Flindall

“As a first-time attendee of an AOI event and a brand new member of the AOI, this was exactly what I needed to help loosen up. I put so much pressure into my own work and I often struggle to just enjoy drawing, as I did in this session. This was not drawn in a style I often use and I found it really enthusing to experiment a new pace of working.”

Nina Griffiths

“It was so lovely to virtually travel to Grenada with Elizabeth Lander – her eye for architecture and historical building features around her home town was inspiring and it was lovely to understand her approach to Urban Sketching. The warm-ups were a great way to encourage just going for it and not obsessing over details, which meant the longer 30 minutes sketches had room to breath and were really fun to draw. I’ll definitely be stopping to sketch when we are allowed to travel again!

Florence Scott

“It was really lovely in the pandemic to spend an evening with other creative individuals, especially with the wonderful Elizabeth Lander who was talking to us from across the globe! Also incredibly interesting to hear a bit of history on Granada as well as find out a bit more info on Elizabeth’s thinking process, all while scribbling away. A welcomed break in these strange times!”

Cristina Papacu & Holly T Burrows

Skye Baker

“It was a really lovely workshop and nice to be able to draw somewhere outside of the UK!”

We really want to thank all participants featured for sending over their drawings and kind words.

We constantly have opportunities to connect with other illustrators online – find more AOI events and take part here.

12th February 2021

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