PAYBACK 2021 open

Payback is a scheme which pays illustrators, photographers and artists annually when their artworks have been published in UK books, magazines or on TV. Since its founding in 1999, DACS has paid out £60 million in Payback royalties.

2020 was a positive year for Payback, with £5 million in royalties paid out to thousands of artists.

Payback 2021 is now open – Register at See DACSs handy video explaining Payback here.

Payback royalties come from the re-use of published artwork, such as the photocopying and scanning of work in books and magazines, or the recording or re-broadcasting of work in TV programmes. AOI strongly recommends that illustrators whose work is in a book, magazine or has been shown on TV apply.

“In the past, Payback has enabled me to buy new equipment or contributed to studio costs. When the royalties come through it’s a friendly slap on the back – a similar feeling to receiving a Christmas bonus (I imagine!). It always feels like an unexpected and very welcome reward when the statement pops up in my inbox.”

Benji Davies, Illustrator
  • Part 1 deadline          Friday 26 February
  • Part 2 deadline          Friday 23 April
  • Royalties paid           Early October 2021  

20th January 2021

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