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Help us change our industry for good!

We work to support the rights of illustrators in various ways.  We are passionate about this, and need your help to help us effect real change.

There are three ways in which we do our campaigning work; through industry campaigns, with 1-1 advocacy and at a Governmental level. 

Please take a moment to read on and see how you can help us protect your rights now and in the future.

Industry Campaigns

We support campaigns which challenge bad practise and call for change.  A recent campaign which we are supporting is led by Dapo Adeola and calls for the BBC, and all media, to properly credit artists fo their work.  It is hugely depressing that this needs to be said, but we recognise the importance of this campaign and urge you to consider adding your name. 

We also support Sarah McIntyre’s Pictures Mean Business campaign, which also addresses unacceptable failing to credit illustrators.  If you are not familiar with this campaign you can read more here.

We also run campaigns from time to time addressing a particular aspect of our industry that requires attention.  Our most recent campaign was Not A Hobby, including business insights, events and supporting resources.  We have a new campaign brewing and will be sharing it in the new year.   

What you can do! Campaigns are effective where they are visible and acted on.  This means we need your help to share these campaigns which effect positive change.  You might be able to change how you work – but in any case add your voice, include it on your email footer, share it on social. 

If you’d like something addressed and think a campaign would be a good approach let us know!

One to one Advocacy

There are many instances of bad practise which undervalues illustrators, or compromises their rights.  We see this often in competitions which are an excuse for getting free work.  We correspond directly with these companies when we see this activity and have a good success rate in seeing changes.  Just last week a company removed an ‘opportunity’ which sought free work.

What you can do! You can help bring these cases to our attention.  Please, where possible, do not do this in the public space of social media. Just email, or direct message us a link and we will take it from there.

Engaging Government
At present we are doing a lot of work at a Governmental level, underlining the shortcomings of the SEISS (Self Employment Support Scheme) and keeping an eye on the impact of Brexit.  You can read all recent submissions here

What you can do! We can only make the case with evidence, and you have been incredibly helpful by completing surveys.  There will be more – and please take a moment to complete our industry surveys yourself, but also share it with your peers.   The more evidence we have the stronger the case we can make.

We are currently digesting the information we have, and will share the findings of our most recent survey in due course.

Together we can make change. We love talking about this work – if you’d like to get more involved, or find out more just get in touch!

13th November 2020

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