AOI’s Diversity and Equality Report

The AOI ran a survey in June/July 2020 asking about Equality and Diversity in the AOI, its membership, and wider industry.

The report is now available, and has been shared at a roundtable today 1 October 2020.

The report is not a glossy report ticking our boxes. While it does not offer a complete picture, it is a helpful snapshot. It is the start of our path forward, and is offered as a working document that ignites action.

What it tells us is startling, though not surprising. It should make us all feel uncomfortable. In asking about diversity we are asking about more than just race; gender, age, class all feature.

What this survey says most clearly is that illustration is a landscape that enables those with finance, confidence and connections. Barriers are not just at entry they endure through a career.

This is not equality.

At the AOI, using the survey and other conversations, we have identified five priorities that our actions will sit under;

  1. Promoting visible diversity within our membership and the industry
  2. Seeking diversity in hiring positions through the industry
  3. Championing Fair Pay as a fundamental requirement for diversity
  4. Taking affirmative action to pro-actively support this work
  5. Ensuring the next generation is diverse

We will be working on this internally and in partnership in the industry to meaningfully address these areas. If you’d like to be more involved or find out more contact Georgia.

image: Adrianna Bellet

1st October 2020

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