Why do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? – review

Illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine, written by Dog expert Dr Nick Crumpton

Thames & Hudson ISBN 9780500652022

Check out our review of this fun and informative book by eight year old Thomas.

I like the Why do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? book because it tells you how to understand the emotions of dogs and has lots of fun, inspiring facts in it. My favourite fact is that the UK’s 8 million dogs produce 1,000 tonnes of dog poo every day.

Even though it’s called Why do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? It has other things in it like why dogs play dead, breeds of dogs, and why some dogs don’t get cold.

I think the illustrations are quite fun and the dogs all have characters and look like they are enjoying themselves. There are lots of different dogs in the book, and it’s interesting to know what breeds I’ve never heard of look like.

Unexpectedly the illustrator Lily Snowden-Fine was the voice of the original Peppa Pig when it first aired in 2004. My little sister thinks this is brilliant.

Mum thinks it’s a great book to give as a present because it’s full of zoological information described in a really easy way. I love dogs and it helps me realise how special they really are.

The tag line is ‘Curious questions about your favourite pet’ and that is exactly right.

I think every dog lover should have this book.

31st March 2020

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