Poster Prize for Illustration 2019 – London Stories shortlist announced

We are delighted to announce the artists featured in the exhibition at London Transport Museum from 8 February to 14 July 2019.

100 out of 1500 submissions will be on display at the London Transport Museum showcasing all sorts of amazing stories on, set in or about London.

More information on the exhibition can be found on the Poster Prize page.

Congratulations to all artists.

Abi Daker
Alex Hovey
Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
Alexandra Wong
Alicia Jennings
Alli Gray
Amanda White
Ana Jaks
Andreea Dobrin Dinu
Andy Potts
Anna Steinberg
Bill Walsh
Candy Amsden
Caragh Buxton
Carly Allen-Fletcher
Catherine Paiano
Charlie Davis
Chia Ku
Chi-chun Chang
Chloe Isteed
Chris Harrendence
Cristian Turdera
Daryl Rainbow
Dawid Celek
Diana Mayo
Dom McKenzie
Elisabeth Bilz
Eliza Southwood
Ellie Denwood
Elly Jahnz
Erica Sturla
Errol Drysdale
Esther Cox
Francesca Shaw
Gaia Petra Sana
Haijing Chen
Hailun Zhang
Helen Lang
Hey Pops (AKA Sofia Serrano)
House of Deadleg (AKA Simon Whittaker)
Ilu Ros
Ingmar Drewing
Jack Oliver Coles
Jake Richardson
Jie Fu
John Armstrong
Joseph Coupland Hartley
Joshua Rice
Julia Anderson
Juliana Aschwanden-Vilaça
Karin Ljungberg
Kate Greenslade
Kate Sampson
Katerina Bazantova
Kathryn Rosa Miller
Katie Rewse
Katja Grosskinsky
Laura Greenan
Lilian Darmono
Lily Shaul
Linda Aitch
Luisa F. Arellano
Lydia Hughes
Maria Ines Gul
Mariana Alcántara Pedraza
Mark Henson
Marta Sevilla
Masha Ash
Mathanki Kodavasal
Matt Bannister
Mobb (AKA Roberto Barbanti)
Monika Sroga
Naomi Tipping
Natalie Singh
Nikki Pontin
Noriaki Ishiyama
Olivia M Healy
R Fresson
Rebecca Sutherland
Richard Johnson
Richard Lowdell
Richelle Dobson
Ruth Sampson
Sarah Perkins
Steven Pattison
Tracey Long
Valentina Catto
Valero Doval
Vicente Reinamontes
Viktoria Fomina
Viola Wang (AKA Gengyu Wang)
Wes Karchut
YiMiao Shih
Zara Picken


14th January 2019

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