IPO drops Voluntary Register for Intellectual Property


AOI consultation response has positive effect

Responding to comments from AOI and other creator organisations, this week the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) confirmed they would not be pursuing a proposed Voluntary Register for unregistered Intellectual Property (IP) Rights as part of the Gov’s Industrial Strategy. IPO noted ‘There was a lack of broad support for the establishment of a Voluntary Register for unregistered IP rights, with many respondents noting the additional legal and administrative burdens such a system could introduce.’

This is good news, as there is no requirement for copyright holders to register their IP in the UK (i.e. illustrators do not have to register their artworks to receive the full protection which copyright offers), and AOI had stated that we didn’t believe a voluntary register would benefit individual creators and small businesses due to the time, effort and potential cost required to register works.

Go to Building our Industrial Strategy for more on the response.

24th May 2018

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