10 Hourly Comics you don’t want to miss

The rules are simple: On the 1st of February you do a comic for every hour you’re awake.

The comic can be as literal as your breakfast in the morning, or as surreal as the dream you had at 5am, but there’s complete freedom to create whatever story you want to tell and in whatever medium you desire.

It may feel like a laborious and hard task, but it’s a great exercise to develop narratives as quickly as possible without feeling precious about the final product. Participants share their comics online using the #HourlyComicDay tag on Twitter or Instagram, and can engage with other artists taking part in the challenge (also a good way to discover new artists online).

If you’re gutted you couldn’t take part this year, don’t fret! You can still enjoy all the many slices of life published in the last 24 hours, and in this post we’ll bring you 10 that we believe are really worth checking out. Featured characters include babies, pets and partners, and subjects go as wide as student finance and mental health.

Make sure to click through each image to get the complete narrative thread and continue checking out their work.

Giulia Sagramola

Joe Sparrow

Molly Fairhurst

Philippa Rice

Tiffany Ford

Hamish Steele

B. Mure

Lucie Bryon

Neil Slorance

Rosie Brand

Also a bonus comic from our Varoom Children’s Books Editor Sarah McIntyre:

You can read more about Hourly Comic Day and get some handy tips in this blog post by Sarah, start preparing for next year!

This list is compiled by AOI Membership Assistant Marianna Madriz, who also took part in the challenge yesterday. See it here.

2nd February 2018

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