Prize for Illustration 2017 – Sounds of the City – Shortlist

Thank you once again to everyone who entered the Prize for Illustration and submitted their fantastic work to the theme of “Sounds of the City”. The jury had a difficult job selecting only 100!
Congratulations to the selected illustrators whose work will feature in the exhibition at the London Transport Museum next year. The winners will be selected once the exhibition is up on the walls.

Here are the names and titles of the selected works:

Dalia Adillon The city, soundboard of the citizens
Julia Allum Suprise City Sounds
David Audenaert The beat goes on
Alexander Beeching The Parakeets of St. James’ Park
Butcher Billy The Sound And The Speed
Teresa Katharina Binder XYLONDOPHON
Sam Bridge London Noise
Manuel Bu Dominguez The singers of London
Jove Broadcasting House
Michela Buttignol Urban Melody
Cinyee Chiu City Player
Johnny Cobalto Phonopoly
Izhar Cohen City vox
Antoine Corbineau Music Ville
Christopher Corr Sounds of Saturday Night
Rob Cowan Saturday 3 o’clock
David Cutts Under the Bridge
Andy Davies The Sounds of Worcester
Anna Doherty All At Once
James Edler The Underground Sound
Daniyal Farhani Translated
Beata Filipowicz Imagine the sounds
Joanna Flint Sound Flows and Blocks – Depths and Perspectives
Sherri Frye Let it Rain
Paul Garland Sound of the Underground
Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene Who made me stop in the city rain
Chiara Ghigliazza Solo
Daniel Gilmartin Step Step
Fossil Glanville Lyrical London
Jonny Glover An Oasis In The City
Lydie Greco Nocturne op.9 No.2
Kate Greenslade Night Owl
Cristina Guitian Stories
Sam Hadley Sound of the Underground
Stefania Hajsakova lines of sounds
Eleanor Hardiman Columbia Road
Jessica Hargraves The Hustle and Bustle
Jessica Henley-Price Noise & Solitude
Amy Higgins Midnight in London
Lisa Holdcroft Olympic Park, Stratford
Summer House Street Echoes
Lucy Irving Fox’s Travelling Band
Elly Jahnz Billingsgate Fish Market
Chuan Jia the bay of sounds
Lin Jiang Sounds of London
Jari Johannes City in the Setting Sun
Lucie Julliat Mind the Step!
Laura Kerridge Specific Sounds
Yeni Kim Mind the Gap
Jerzy Kozien The Sound of Thunder
Joanna Layla As if a giant’s fingers swept its keys’
Amanda Lenig Tangled
Yijing Li Pieces of Sound
Zijun Li The Sound of London
Yi Hong Lim Sound of Plymouth
Tracey Long Groovy Bus Queue
David Lymburn Broken Tranquility
Ryan Mason-Bevan Reversing into place
Georgie McAusland Count the bongs to tell the time
Fausto Montanari Harmonic city
Kate Morgan The Sound of Kew Gardens
Ian Murray Reynard’s Riddim
Ian Murray A New Day
Alesya Nesolenova Disturbance
Sarah Perkins Tuning In
Daniel Perry Ode to a lonely busker.
Olesia Polupan Rhythms of the city
Andrei Popov Rain melody
Jane Porter Stamping Ground
Andy Potts Sonic City
Vàclav Pruner Layers as waves
Sabina Radeva City Visual Frequencies
Angel Reid Million Pointed Sky
Ignjat Reljic Djuric Voices Through Time
Jake Richardson Sound System
Paula Rivas A portrait of London sounds
Ignacia Ruiz Columbia flower market
Kate Sampson Dawn Chorus
Gus Scott 24 hours
Andrew Selby Summer Vibes 2
Victoria Semykina Red evening
Violeta Serratosa Same place, different music
Nozomi Shah Interconnected city
Eleanor Shakespeare Diverse City
Dean Smith Shadows of the Sound
Emilie Smith THE city SOUND frequency bar OF all THE CITY sound frequency bars
Natasha Smith Urban Sound
Ileana Soon A Rainy Day in London
Jacob Stack The Foxes
Amanda Summers The Mysterious Hum
Fredrik Swahn Subway Song
Phoebe Swan Borough Market
Shin Wah Gloria Tsang listen
Nikita Vlasov First snow
Lucy Waldman London Pop-up
Bill Walsh Ding, ding’
Joe Windsor Waterloo Sunset
Hsin-Chih Wu The Pleased Rhythm
Hila Zwergel City talk

8th December 2016

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