Call for Submission for the Petit Néant III

Call for Submission for the Petit Néant III

Le Petit Néant is an annual publication that covers the art of drawing and the silent visual narrative. Edited by Miguel Angel Valdivia and designed by Giulia Garbin.

It features the work of artists from four continents. Eschewing an editorial or explanatory captions, it asks its readers to simply look. The book celebrates the expressive potential of paper and ink.


From Le Petit Néant: For the Third edition we would like to suggest possible avenues for exploration. This does not mean you cannot engage in pathways of your own choosing – our suggestions are only there as a guide. Our final selection of images will be governed by the way they work together – the dialogue they have with each other.

We would like to explore together pure, distilled, visual narrative – that is, storytelling with imagery, without the use of a running written commentary. This is the only real condition of the brief. The idea is to create a narrative journey that is in a constant state of flux, joining together the viewpoints of different observers. You can submit single images or a series of images that exist in symbiosis. The stories do not have to be too structured, and they certainly do not have to have a beginning and end, but they should be open and stimulating to the imagination – both for the storyteller and the ‘reader’.

Our suggestions for themes are as follows: abstraction; minimalism; nature; the invisible; imagination; silence; geometry; pyramids; mystery; beyond the limits of the page; fluidity; surreal; experimentation; darkness and the infinite.

All of the above suggestions can be interpreted as freely as you think appropriate.

The deadline for receiving images is Tuesday the 1st of November 2016.

All images should be black and white and be in either of the following dimensions:

190 mm x 260 mm (portrait)
380 mm x 260 mm (landscape (a double-page spread))

Images, or series of images, should be no longer than four pages.

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Illustration by Miguel Angel Valdivia

2nd September 2016

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