Arrest All Mimics

Ben Tallon, with the support of agency Illustration Ltd, has recently launched Arrest All Mimics: a podcast interviewing innovative people and projects across the creative industries.

Ep 4: Miss Led

Ep 4: Miss Led / On forging a creative path from fine art to illustration, live drawing and teaching.

Featured guests include Rob O’Connor (Stylorouge’s Creative Director), Angus Montgomery (Editor of Design Week) as well as AOI members Miss Led, Sandra Dieckmann, Sarah Beetson and Danny Allison. You will also find practitioners across diverse disciplines including theatre, art therapy and design.

Ep13: Design Week

Ep13: Design Week / Ben Tallon speaks with Angus Montgomery about the challenges faced in steering the magazine from 25 years of print into a completely new digital realm.

Find all episodes and listen to Arrest All Mimics via Soundcloud or Itunes, and follow the podcast online on Twitter and Facebook.

14th March 2016

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