Pictoplasma conference 2016

Contemporary Character Design and Art

4-8 May 2016

Spring 2016 Pictoplasma transforms Berlin into the world’s meeting point for a diverse scene of international artists and creatives, trailblazing the face of tomorrow’s visual culture. Speakers include Agostino Icaurci, Aisha Franz, Becky & Joe and Julian Glander.


The festival showcases latest trends in figurative character design, from fine to urban arts, illustration, animation and graphic design, with lectures and Character Lab and Character Forum.

Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos

Creators, producers and fans meet for an unconventional conference with cutting-edge artist presentations, curated screening programmes bring the latest animation eye-candy to the big screen, and a series of exhibitions and group-shows invite visitors to experience original works and outstanding character craftsmanship.

Agostino Lacurci

Agostino Lacurci

Pictoplasma expands in 2016 with a series of Short Courses: These 2 day workshops offer the unique chance to learn directly from international industry leaders and focus on a clear task or technical skill in the creation of contemporary visuals.


The first series of Short Courses will be lead by Varoom 21 cover artist Geneviève Gauckler (FR), Lucas Zanotto (IT), Mark Gmehling (DE), introducing participants to the art of image creation by organising a library of visual elements, the initial concept and workflow stages of designing and prototyping a successful game App, and the creation of state of the art 3D illustration. More on the programme here.

Becky & Joe

Becky & Joe

3rd February 2016

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