Black Cat, White Cat – book review

Silvia Borando

Published by Walker Books ISBN: 9781406363166

Review by Derek Brazell


A smart, simple book, Black Cat, White Cat is the story of Black Cat who only steps out in daylight, and White Cat who has the night as her domain. With monotone, rhythmically well balanced illustrations, the story shows the two cats deciding they’d like to explore the side of the day they never see. It’s the perfect opportunity to use those opposite colours.


Asking their respective ‘best friends’ (an owl and a blackbird – two friends who we know would be nothing but a mouthful of feathers in real life) what it’s like in the night or day, the two cats set off to discover. And that’s how they meet, going on to show their new furry friend what their part of the 24 hour cycle is like. Friendship leads to more, and with a witty use of colour, a bunch of kittens appear at the end.


Great to read aloud, Black Cat, White Cat carries its minimalistic story well, and displays the journeys of the two cats over appealing, clearly designed, high contrast spreads.


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20th July 2015

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