Marian Bantjes Centre Spreads

The Canadian Graphic Artist Marian Bantjes has been a regular contributor for Varoom Magazine for the past four years, creating an intriguing and visually complex double page spread for every issue since issue 14. She started contributing to the magazine after her book I Wonder, a beautifully decorative merging of graphic art and the written word, was featured in issue 13. Her work can be described as ornamental, and frequently explores the realms of illustration, typography and design. One thing can be said for certain about her hugely varied imagery – it is unrestrained, and won’t allow itself to be constrained to any one ‘style’. In the past, her spreads have featured everything from photography to typography, from collage to pattern design. In a way, the very breadth of content and style within Marian’s work shows us all that illustration can be. You can purchase her books and artwork here.

27 bantjes_interpretation-2 720

 Spread from Varoom 27: The Hermenauts Issue. Available to purchase here.

26 Style Bantjes 720

Spread from Varoom 26: The Style Issue. Available to purchase here.

25 bantjes_empathy 720

Spread from Varoom 25: The Empathy Issue. Available to purchase here.

24 bantjes_obsession V24 720

Spread from Varoom 24: The Obsession Issue. Available to purchase here.

22 bantjes experiment

Spread from Varoom 22: The Experiment Issue. Available to purchase here.

21 - stitched spread 720

Spread from Varoom 21: The Rules Issue. Available to purchase here.

20 muse maze 720

Spread from Varoom 20: The Muse Issue. Available to purchase here.

19 bantjes_le-menu_low_V19 720

Spread from Varoom 19: The Taste Issue. Available to purchase here.

18 Extravaganza 720

Spread from Varoom 18: The Entertainment Issue. Available to purchase here.


Spread from Varoom 17. Available to purchase here.

16 bantjes 720

Spread from Varoom 16. Available to purchase here.

15 Bantjes 720

Spread from Varoom 15. Available to purchase here.

Spread from Varoom 14. Available to purchase here.

30th October 2014

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