Laurindo Feliciano Talk at the AOI Awards Exhibition


“An illustrator, he needs to go beyond the text, really needs to give to the person another way to read”


This afternoon illustrator Laurindo Feliciano gave a talk about his practice to a gathered audience at the exhibition gallery in Somerset House. Having won the AOI Award for Editorial Illustration in the professional category this year, Laurindo discussed his imagery, process, inspirations and development in front of his exhibited work.

When discussing his development he mentioned that, having originally worked in architecture, he maintains “a very conscious way of building an image” that he still uses when illustrating today. Laurindo discussed how Photoshop opened up “infinite possibilities” when creating collages, but maintained that even though he works with found imagery, he considers himself a passionate illustrator who uses collage, rather than a “collage artist”.

When speaking of his imagery and creative process, Laurindo stated that “when an art director calls me to commission me he wants more than just my style, he wants my personality”. Perhaps it is because his work is imbued with his personality that his illustrations are so unique and eye-catching.

You can read more about Laurindo’s process in Varoom 27: The Hermenauts issue, available to purchase here.

Laurindo’s work will be on show at Somerset House until 2 November.

10th October 2014

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