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The new issue of Varoom is now published. Free for AOI members, but available through the AOI Shop and selected bookstores, Varoom is the only magazine to track how illustration is shaping culture and commerce – the people, the work, the ideas. For creators, users and lovers of great image making.


This issue is packed with gripping content, including Adrian Holme’s commentary on Phoebe Gloeckner’s dramatic imagery for JG Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition, three illustration agents on the illustrator-client relationship (the Match Makers), Therapy Today editor, Sarah Browne highlights their use of illustration to express complex therapeutic issues and situations and with the launch of two graphic news magazines, Symbolia and La Revue Dessinée, Jane Stanton explores how illustration can help us understand news in a world of blanket media coverage.


Empathy is not an embrace it’s an ‘encounter’. Empathy is a hot-button idea, the key it seems to business, design, even evolution. Issue 25 of Varoom explores the rich ways in which illustrators extend the idea of empathy itself.

Varoom 25 – the illustration report Spring 2014. The Empathy Issue. Feel it.

2nd May 2014

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