Nathan Ward

Nathan Ward is a London based Image Maker, Set Designer and Animator. He has a particular interest in handmade objects, as a vehicle for realising ideas. Nathan works extensively within..

James Taylor

Born in 1977 to an Italian mother and English father James Taylors relationship with pencil and paper started at an early age. James Taylors work is eclectic, with a range..

Gail Armstrong

Gail Armstrong has been creating paper sculptures for over 20 years and her enthusiasm for the medium hasn’t waned one snip. She still wants every image she creates to be..

Isobel Barber

Isobel Barber is a Paper Set Maker, living and creating in beautiful Dorset, England. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2012 with a degree in Textile design, where she specialised..

Emma Russell

Emma Russell makes drawings, patterns and paper constructions. Using a muted candy-colour palette inspired by vintage fashion and design, her illustrations are often funny or faintly unsettling. She’s inspired by..

Boo Paterson

Boo Paterson is an artist and illustrator, who creates papercuts, paper sculptures and pop-ups.Her work – which has been displayed at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art – is often..