Wendy W

BA/MA Graphic Design London Base Illustrator/ Graphic Designer I have been working in different companies as fashion designer and graphic designer. Now, I am a freelance illustrator. I believe that..

Mary Cousins Illustration

Mary is a freelance illustrator artist who specialises in creating cute character and animal graphics to help add fun, warmth and appeal to projects. Mary can also create more academic..

Jay Stansfield (The Squibbles)

Hello! I’ve been creating stuff since I was a little nipper and drawing in my school books, making up comic strips about my mum and dad’s weird friends and generally..

Maria Cardelli

Hi, I am an illustrator, artist and designer from Rome, Italy. After living in NYC for 15 years I eventually moved back to Europe and I am now in the Netherlands…

Gail Myerscough

Gail Myerscough is a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. Her designs are colourful, bold and have a vintage feel. She takes her inspiration from her passion..

Ana Varela // Hex0

Hi, I’m Ana! Also known as Hex0. Growing up I wanted to be a trapezist or a pirate, so to keep me out of trouble I was given a sketchbook..


Multidisciplinary Artist from the North East. Experience includes working with BBC Scotland, Edinburgh Fringe & NCJ Media. Experienced online workshop facilitator for Gem Arts, SitC Online, and Work it Out..

Paula Valle Garcia

Hey! I’m Paula – an illustrator and designer from Spain currently living in London. I like to create content with no filter about  experiences and things that happen around us…

Huan Tran – Leaking Faucet Studio

Huan Tran is polymorphing platypus and award winning editorial/advertising illustrator. For over 20 years, his bold colorful style and compelling concepts have graced the pages of magazines, spanned billboards, and..


Illustrator and Graphic Designer in NY.

Katie Ruby Miller

Katie Ruby is a freelance Illustrator and Designer with a professional background in a greetings card and gifting product studio. Since freelancing, she has won an award for a website..

Leinegrafik – Patricia Schneider

Patricia Schneider is an illustrator with a passion for bringing her clients’ ideas and concepts to life with thoughtful images. Her love for drawing has led her to extensive professional..

Addyson Brough

Hello! My name’s Addyson and I’m an illustrator and narrative maker in Devon, UK. My illustration practice revolves around people, texture, and authorial narrative fiction.

Andrew Krzystek

Illustrator based in Buffalo, NY. Inspired by People and the situations they find themselves in. Be it real, or surreal. The inner, and outer world, and how we relate to..


I’m a UK based Glasgow School of Art graduate using the iPad and Procreate to create illustrations of people, places, the natural world, pets, architecture, food, drink or whatever else..

Hayley Jane Illustration

About Me Hayley Jane Smith MA I am 31 years old living in Oxford, UK. I have always enjoyed art and drawing, particularly of the natural world. I have achieved..

Elle Powell

Elle Powell is a multicultural American illustrator specializing in fashion, travel, and wellbeing. She earned her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has both lectured and..

Iris van den Akker

Iris van den Akker is an illustrator, 2D animator, enthusiastic art collector and overall supporter of creative women. She loves colorful, graphic images that take reality with a grain of..

Jess Bolam

Jess Bolam is an animation artist and illustrator based in Buckinghamshire, UK. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, where she co-directed and co-produced the award-winning surrealist short film ‘Whispering..

Vicky Phillips, Lightship Print Shop

Hello! I’m Vicky Phillips, an Illustrator and Pattern Designer based on board a Lightship (hence the studio name!) moored in East London. I have over 15 years of industry experience..