Leanne Daphne

I’m an Illustrator / Concept designer with a passion for storytelling. I have a particular interest in mythology and ancient history and like to base my work on those subjects,..

Ruth Ingamells

Ruth Ingamells is a London based illustrator. She focuses on layering colour and texture in her drawings, combining these elements with a more traditional, expressive ink line on top. She..

Phoebe Cho

Hi, my name is Phoebe, an illustrator based in the UK. I graduated from University of Brighton, Illustration. Feel free to suggest any idea you require to visualize for your..

Jason Chuang Art

Artist/ Illustrator/ author based in Taiwan and the UK. Jason is passionate about narratives and storytelling, as well as editorial work. Jason’s illustrations are surreal and dreamlike, and he plays..

Lucie Langston

Hi! I’m Lucie Langston, an illustrator from Europe, currently living in Mainz, Germany. I especially like doing editorial illustations and comics. My strength is creating atmosphere and mood. I love..

Irina Jida

Weird lover of books, writing and illustrating from the less refulgent part of London.


Hello! I am an illustrator and ceramist that loves to shape stories through my work. I am inspired by my everyday life, my love for nature and animals and I’m..

Katia Bulbenko

I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in the NYC area. I love painting objects, people, nature and food themes. Some of my clients include Camp North End, Amber..

Ailish Beadle

I am a Norwich-based illustrator working both traditionally & digitally. My work illustrates a union of both my interest in cartoons, from watching programmes such as ‘The Simpsons’ from a..

Emilie Goulet

I draw, traditionally and digitally, charming and funny characters, in an environment and with a composition that support their stories.   I also love pushing beyond my skills to keep on..

Anna Mu

I am digital & print illustrator creating detailed world of magic and melancholy in black ink. Mixing Art Nouveau, Japanese woodcut influences with Nordic nature inspiration across themes of magic, mythical..


Hello, I’m Iancu Barbarasa, a graphic designer and illustrator based in London, UK (born in Transylvania, Romania). I’ve been designing and drawing for more than 15 years, my goals being to..

Rosie Dore

I am an illustrator and beekeeper living in Kent, UK, with a love of plants and animals. It is my aim to create nature-based art and stories for audiences to..

Vinay Pittampally

Vinay Pittampally is an Indian Illustrator. His concepts are profound, thought-provoking and multi-perspective. He loves to experiment with composition, color and texture.

Erin Maala

Erin Maala uses a combination of hand-created textures, paper-craft, photography, and digital technique to create unique illustration. She is currently based in sunny Los Angeles, CA with her husband and..


I’m a freelance illustrator and nomadic creative currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love working with bold colors, playful lines and strong shapes to create characters from sometimes more sometimes..

Illustration by EST

I’m inspired by the vibrant colours, structures and textures of the natural world. I like people to feel a sense of joy when interacting with my illustration. My style is..

Cynthia Cliff

I am a self taught illustrator. The subject matter and styling of my art is influenced by a childhood growing up in rural Virginia. This background provided rich experiences that..

Maria Klimko

London based illustrator. Exploring existentialism and sensuality through line and colour

Gary Plant

I’m an experienced self-taught illustrator living and working in sunny Staffordshire. Using various artistic mediums I have illustrated and collaborated on a number of published children’s books. Over time I..

Samuel J. Jukes

Author & Illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Currently studying at the University of the West of England, undertaking an Entrepreneurship and Business degree. I have an array of illustrative styles..

Gina Shord

Gina is a London based Illustrator who graduated from Falmouth University with a Degree in Illustration. She specialises in editorial illustration, packaging design, greeting cards and children’s books. Gina is..

Fran Pulido

Hey! I’m a freelance illustrator based in Granada (Spain). Having finished my studies in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, I began working in creative studios as a graphic designer and..