WIA2022: Longlist Category Highlights: Advertising – New Talent

Advertising images are everywhere – they convey messages, inform behaviour and sell products and services. Our selection of New Talent longlist entries are by current students and recent graduates – see who the next generation of advertising illustrators are in our curated list!

The World Illustration Awards 2022 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration! Read on to see our New Talent Advertising Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

Abby created this project in response to a competition run by Falmouth University in conjunction with Veganuary. The brief was to create a positive and inspirational illustration in response to ‘Vegan For The Climate’.

This dynamic piece of work was the winning illustration and was featured on the Veganuary Instagram, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog and Twitter.

Abby Mundell is currently a 3rd Year BA Illustration student at Falmouth University.

Jiayan created this project inspired by dance therapy to provide a way for people with depression to enjoy life through dance.

The final outcome was four brochures to introduce different types of dance (ballet, disco, breakdance and samba).

Jiayan Fan is a freelance illustrator from China currently studying an MA in Illustration at Kingston University in London.

Ailyn created this poster for the movie ‘Frances Ha’ in response to their passion for movies and illustration. They describe emerging from a sweet cold lagoon of sensitivity, humor and hope after watching the movie, which they found beautiful, moving and totally relatable. This poster was a way to express this experience and share the film with more people to inspire them in the same way.

Ailyn Wong M is a freelance illustrator and muralist from Ecuador.

Holly created these illustrations to promote a new skincare brand ‘Clowds’ aimed specifically at black women.

The work was used to create a zine to promote the brand’s products and classes run for women to create their own personalised skincare, where they can also make friends and build a community together.

Holly McCann is based in Brighton and a soon-to-be Graphic Design graduate from the University of Gloucestershire, specialising in Illustration.

Bee created this piece ‘Lovers’  as a promotional installation for the University of Edinburgh 2021 Graduate Show at Edinburgh College of Art.

The image was part of a project re-imagining Pre-Raphaelite inspired imagery in a modern, diverse and inclusive way.

Bee Illustrates is a queer illustrator and creative based in London.

Leinz created this project to be used on advertising billboards and as a series of postcards to publicize the culture and history of Beijing subway to today’s passengers.

The illustrations show historical figures and modern passengers together in Beijing subway cars.

Leinz Tao is an Illustrator based in China.

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14th June 2022

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