WIA2021: New Talent highlights from the Editorial Category longlist sponsored by Procreate

Explore just some of the highlights on the WIA2021 New Talent Editorial Category longlist in this curated list featuring Illustration aimed for journalism and comment in digital or print format for feature articles or political commentary. The Editorial Category is sponsored by Procreate.

The World Illustration Awards 2021 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration! Read on to see our New Talent Editorial Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

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These pieces are part of a final university project which explored further into editorial illustration. Charlotte Bayliss’s interest in animals led to the theme ‘Habitat’ which explored the ways in which humanity affects a variety of animals.

The project was created digitally on a tablet.

Charlotte Bayliss is a UK based Illustrator. She graduated with a First from the University of Derby in 2020.

Alice Catteau wanted to highlight the lack of support many students were, and still are, given whilst in education during the pandemic in this piece optimistically called “Class of 2020”. As well as being a reflection upon the new virtual interference within education, this piece considers how other areas, such a print media, will change in the near future.

Alice Catteau is a UK based illustrator who graduated with Honours in BA (Hons) Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth in 2020.

This is a tender price about Grandparents preparing to celebrate their 80th birthdays. 
This image was hand painted with pencils, and airbrush.

Wenwen Zhu is based in the USA and studies at the School of Visual Art in New York.

This illustration was commissioned for a Bloomberg Businessweek article “Chinese Crackdown Isn’t Chilling Hong Kong’s Hot Financial Core” by Sheridan Prasso. The intent was to juxtapose the frenzy of the bankers and the traces of protests.

Matthew Kam is a freelance illustrator from Hong Kong and he’s currently based in Los Angeles. 

The Washington Post Opinion commissioned this illustration based on a poignant article about the fragility of life in the midst of the global pandemic, told through the eyes of the author and her family’s fig tree.

Julie Lai is an illustrator born and raised in Hong Kong where she currently resides. She graduated from Falmouth University in 2020 with a BA in Illustration. 

This portfolio work was inspired by Trump losing the election to create a piece that reflected hope of a more free and fair world come next Christmas. This work was also created as a metaphor for Donald Trump’s sympathy towards the far-right and the oppression they champion. 

Millie Peacock is a 21 year old, second year Fine Art student studying at Loughborough University. A socio-political artist, the bulk of Millie’s practice sees a commentary on the state of the world; employing satire as a mechanism to hold a mirror up to society, and those who benefit from and endorse oppression. 

This is an editorial illustration for BISS Magazine, Munich’s newspaper for the homeless. Focusing on the rising debt due to the pandemic  especially concerning the elderly.

Lucie Langston is an illustrator and comic artist based in Europe. During girlhood drawing was her escapism and later became her voice to reflect life.

This is a personal portfolio work by Alex Yun who has always been fascinated by how animals make friends and maintain their friendship.

Alex Yun is a USA based illustrator. She graduated from Art Center College of Design and has illustrated for various industries and taught art in various art schools to different age groups.

The illustrations are being used as part of a campaign to promote ‘Unreal’, which is a UK based charity raising awareness and providing support for those suffering with “dissociative disorder”.

Jodie Howard is currently based near Cambridge, after recently graduating from Cambridge School of Art.

This illustration was a college assignment. The intent was to combine American Chinatown with the artist’s hometown – Xi’an. 

Haosong Chen studied at Savannah College of Art and Design until 2020.

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20th July 2021

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