Eric Schwarz
Thoughts On Feelings

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Why did you make this work:
I’ve been regularly publishing this four-panel webcomic series on Instagram since 2015. Then, in mid 2020 I got contacted by a London-based bookbinder - Piotr - with an idea of publishing a small printed, handmade edition of the series. For that I created 50 comics and 6 illustrated short essays on thoughts that most of us experience in solitude. From feelings of self-doubt and loneliness to love.

How was the illustration used:
The book was printed in edition of 50 and sold online. It sold out over the course of 2 months. I illustrated and wrote the entire content and designed the cover of the book. The book design, printing and publishing was done by Piotr Jarosz (

How did you make this work:
My stories and drawings are inspired by the every day life. I regard everyday moments of intense emotion from a poetic perspective, as if life was a romance novel. I made black and white A3 ink drawings of every comic and then my publisher and bookbinder, Piotr Jarosz printed the comics on a risograph, and hand-bound them in his East London workshop.

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Eric Schwarz is an illustrator and comic author. He studied graphic design in Germany and spent one year at the graphic storytelling program of LUCA school of arts in Brussels. Since graduating in 2019 he’s been freelancing on a wide range of projects. He regularly illustrates articles for FOCUS magazine, murals for local gyms, or visuals for musicians. His personal work focuses on writing comics.