World Illustration Awards: Q&A with our new sponsors WORKBOOK

We’re delighted to introduce our new World Illustration Awards 2019 sponsors WORKBOOK. Here, WORKBOOK Illustration Rep Bob Pastore tells us more about what they do, and about the US market:

What is Workbook?
Workbook is a company dedicated to connecting creative buyers with the artists they need to create their projects and execute their ideas. We offer illustrators, animators, photographers, directors, and their agents, multiple platforms through which to promote. Our comprehensive print and online packages create unequaled opportunities for artists to be introduced to, become known by, and hired by, creative buyers everywhere, to collaborate on assignment projects. Workbook has been creating, refining, and celebrating these connections for over forty years.

How important is an artist’s marketing in 2019 and how can Workbook help?
Illustration is the act of developing a visual personality and the ability to communicate ideas using a cohesive visual identity. The secret to being successful is to combine your talent with a marketing plan so that your identity becomes recognisable. Illustrators have discovered working with Workbook is the best way to accomplish this goal through our visibility, our networking opportunities, and our industry-recognition.

Is it hard to break into the US market?
Good art impresses. It always has and always will. Illustrators want to infiltrate the US market because of its sheer size which leads to the number of projects given each year. That becomes incredibly lucrative. No other art buying audience is as in touch with the needs of its clients and as receptive to seeing illustration as a viable solution.

Do you see any trends in illustration buyers are shifting towards?
When talking trends, you need to look at life. What markets or services are hot? Mobile telephones, pharmaceutical, financial, children’s food and packaging come to mind. I also see photo realistic, CGI and animation projects growing at a rapid pace.

This is Workbook’s first time sponsoring the WIA.  Can you speak on that?
WORKBOOK is only as good as who we feature. Our award-winning talent keeps us new, relevant and useful. So, it was a natural segue way to sponsor an international award competition like the WIA. It reinforces our reputation and accentuates our desire to showcase the best. Our goal is our artist’s success!

The World Illustration Awards 2019 are open for entries until 31 January 2019. Enter your best work to be seen by commissioners globally and be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes!

8th January 2019

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