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Published by the AOI and edited by John O’Reilly the magazine comes out twice a year and is available to buy here.
What's in the Latest Issue

Varoom 37 – the Love issue. From Valentines to a Grindr Project

The Sensation of Reading: Article Excerpt

“The great thing about Folio is that we don’t have a set rule.” The Varoom Profile on The Folio Society

Love Letters: Article Excerpt

We asked six industry professionals to write a love letter to an image-maker

“Beauty School Gave Me Brain Damage”: Article Excerpt

Explore the work of Seth Bogart, an explosively messy confection of punk, Pee-Wee Herman and products


Industry insiders select notable Innovators in their fields with work reflecting Love

Varoom Advert

Engage the US with a Workbook portfolio at a Special AOI membership rate

Material Love: Article Excerpt

What do illustrators love about the materials they use?

Online Exclusive - Folio Illustrators Pt.III

Victo Ngai and Paul Scheruebel reveal what it is like to be commissioned by The Folio Society