Varoom 36 – Rhythm



Varoom 36 – the Rhythm issue

Summer 2017 

Cover image created for Varoom by Jonathan Calugi

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From the wit and style of visual social commentator Jean-Philippe Delhomme to an animated retelling of Elton John’s Rocket Man through the eyes of a refugee, Varoom 36 explores rhythm. Outstanding work from an international selection of Emerging Image Makers is showcased in this issue, with graduates revealing their thoughts on what illustration means to them.

Innovators across the fields of advertising, children’s books, street art and more are selected by our industry experts, including promotion for the Rugby World Cup and an insightful graphic novel on the life of The Artist.

All this and an intriguing Rhythm Roundtable discussing how new technology is rapidly changing the rhythms of image-making, of collaboration, and how we manage the rhythm of everyday life.



Profile: Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Since the 1980s, the work of French illustrator, Jean-Philippe Delhomme has explored with visual wit and elegance the worlds of fashion and culture. Creator of the Unknown Hipster (below), Delhomme talks to Varoom editor John O’Reilly about the demise of blogs, taking on photography and how Hockney liberated his use of colour


The Unknown Hipster at Royal Wedding (blog)

 15 Emerging Image Makers

Varoom showcases some of the most striking image-making from the crop of 2017 art school graduates, guided by the AOI’s global network of professional bodies and educational institutions. The images are a sample of outstanding work from Kristiana to Kingston to South Korea – from children’s stories to social observation to fashion and politics, there are new rhythms emerging. Follow these young image-makers as they take the pulse of changing time


Harry Sussams, UWE, UK

 The Commission, The Client, The Creative

In the professional relationship between client and image-maker, nailing the brief depends on everything from the client choosing the right creative for the job in the first place to the image-maker responding to feedback.

Animator and director Stephen McNally, Iranian filmmaker Majid Adin and production company Blinkink reflect on the making of the new Rocket Man animation. This reinterpretation of Elton John’s 1970s classic song tells the story of a refugee, drawing on Adin’s own experience of his journey across Europe during the 2015 refugee crisis, arriving in the Calais jungle camp before being granted asylum in the UK. The animation was launched at the Cannes Film Festival.



Rocket man video

Innovators: the best work selected by Varoom’s experts

Children’s Books: Sarah McIntyre on 
Lesley Barnes’ visually sumptuous, loopingly rhythmic Jill and Lion. 

Graphic Novels: Martin Colyer on 
the new six-panel per page book from Anna Haifisch, The Artist.

Advertising: Stuart Lang on Luke Choice’s striking, swirling work for the Rugby World Cup.

Design: Dan Witchell on Santtu Mustonen’s mesmerizing projection project for the New York Ballet, Cross Pollination.

Public Realm: Luise Vormittag on Anne Howeson’s Kings Cross St. Pancras Project which builds on the history of the central London area.

Street Art: Tristan Manco on the huge, stunning floor painting, Les Rives, in Essaouira, Morocco by Run (Giacomo Bufarini)

Publications: John O’Reilly on Miguel Angel Valdivia and Guilia Grabin’s wordless magazine, Le Petit Neant


Career Rhythms

You know that feeling that flows from the high of unstoppable commissions to the imperceptible drift into anxiety about the next gig? Varoom asked illustrators and AOI members Jamie Coe, Liv Wan, Jay Cover and agent Nick Dawe from Folio Art agency about their professional and creative highs and lows and how they manage the career rhythm


Rhythm Roundtable

Be-Bop-A-Lula, rhythm, and understanding how to work with it, is at the heart of all creativity. But new technology is rapidly changing the rhythms of image-making, of collaboration, and how we manage the rhythm of everyday life.

Ryan Belmont, Art Director of Nike Lab, Phoebe Halstead, Scriberia animator and a founder of reportage group First Hand along with choreographer and performer, Matthias Sperling discuss rhythm with Varoom editor John O’Reilly.

Rhythm Roundtable PH2_700

Phoebe Halstead

Material Rhythms

Materials direct our work and our way of working, our stance before the page or screen. In this issue Brian Grimwood, Ged Palmer and Marguerite Carnec reflect on the tools and materials they use and the creative rhythm and expression they enable

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