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Varoom 32 – The New Social extra

  Career boosting, selling platform, discussion generating – social media for freelancers has much to offer. Derek Brazell got expert insight from six illustrators prominent on various social media platforms for The New issue of Varoom, asking questions on the pros and cons, benefits, interactions and audiences, revealing the gains, the frustrations and contrasting takes on […]


The Varoom Report: Experiment V22

Experiment, Play, Adaptation  THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Summer 2013 ISSUE 22 In “7 Thoughts on the Cult of the Sketchbook” Jane Stanton writes that the point of the sketchbook is it gives you permission not to come to conclusions. In “The New Wave Sci-Vi”, Bryony Quinn argues the power of the new scientific imagery is as […]

Varoom 21 Cover_feature

The Varoom Report: The Rules V21

The Report The Rules of the Rules THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Spring 2013 ISSUE 21 There are Rules to be made and those to be broken. Illustrator Katherina Koall, on creating an image for children’s magazine The Loop, had one important rule – “remember that this was a piece of work for children – clients that […]

Varoom Issue 20 Cover_featured

The Varoom Report: The Muse V20

The Muse THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Winter 2012 ISSUE 20 While ‘inspiration’ often simply means context-free imitation of style, the true Muse has many sources. Varoom discovers that The Muse is a powerful mix of critical reflection, hard work and love. The magic of The Muse is in the strange power of focus given by a mug […]

Varoom Issue 19 Cover_featured

The Varoom Report: Taste V19

Taste THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Autumn 2012 ISSUE 19 Varoom 19 stretches the idea of Taste as visual sensation like a ball of strudel dough. The menu includes New Wave Food Mags, Literary and Aesthetic Taste, John Pasche’s Lips for The Rolling Stones, and the question that erupts, like raw chilli on the tongue – who are […]

Varoom Issue 18 Cover_featured

The Varoom Report: Entertainment V18

Entertainment THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Spring 2012 ISSUE 18 Issue 18 of Varoom celebrates the work of illustrators who entertain whilst asking questions about entertainment. From Moonbot Studios elagaic animation about books, to the BAFTA illustrators whose single images of movies act as illustrative film criticism, to cartoonist Huw Aaron who “performed” drawing at a cartooning festival. […]


Adult Colouring Books – Evolution of an unexpected phenomenon

By Vicky Stylianides Dominating bestseller lists, the colouring book phenomenon shows no sign of letting up. With such a high demand, many illustrators are creating their own colouring books. No matter what the subject is or who the illustrator may be, they all offer a distraction – an antidote for the effects of modern day […]


Varoom 32 – New Formats New Stories

Article from Varoom 32: New Formats New Stories How do illustrators work with app developers to turn their wonderful print stories into credible digital experiences? Illustrator Ben Newman and Flying Eye Books new digital studio Minilabs reveal the do’s and don’ts in the transition to different formats.      Varoom: What is Minilab? Minilab Studio: […]


Varoom 32 – Teh Nw

Article from Varoom 32 by Rachel Gannon and Darryl Clifton Illustration as a practice, as an idea, as a tool, is so powerful, charming and winsome, seeing it differently as an object or practice feels impossible. When the world is wrapped and framed by illustration, from children’s books to the engraving on gravestones, how can […]