The Varoom Report: Empathy V25

The Empathy Issue THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Spring 2014 ISSUE 25 “The illustrations not only mirror, but also extend and develop the ideas in the text and provide a different viewpoint,” says Sarah Browne, Editor of Therapy Today, discussing the value of illustration in her magazine. It’s illustrator’s empathy for the text – not repeating it, not […]


The Varoom Report: Obsession V24

  OBSESSION  THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Winter 2014 ISSUE 24 The visual equivalent of Earworms? Eyeworms. Nice. Still, how else to describe the images in Varoom’s Obsession issue – an issue about Obsessive practice, Obsessed with Neon, Obsessed with Ladybird, Obsessed with Outsider Artists who are Obsessed with One Thing or another – sometimes One Thing and […]


Varoom 34 – The Pet Effect I

The Pet Effect – Illustrators and Their Pets Your cat stretches across your work desk, smudging paint or nudging the computer delete key as she yawns – prompting a smile, or is it a grimace? Artists have long featured their pets in their artwork, fixing a connection that is clearly a strong bond between animal […]


V33 – Pas de Deux

Pas de Deux – The Dance of Illustrator and Writer In these extracts from the full article in Varoom 33 Sarah McIntyre looks behind the creative curtain to discover the nuts and bolts of a successful children’s book collaboration between writer and illustrator. The recently released Tamsin and the Deep by Neill Cameron and Kate Brown is part […]


The ten things I learned from ICON 9

 What ten things did illustrator and educator, Nanette Hoogslag learn at ICON 9 this July? This year, held in Austin Texas, ICON9 brought together more than 700 illustrators, designers, educators, representatives and art buyers who came to see, hear, discuss and explore ‘The Future of Illustration’. Already taking place nine times in a row, ICON […]

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V33 – Girls’ World

Girls’ World: The ‘Fabulous Year 24 Group’ and the shōjo manga revolution In these extracts from the full article in Varoom 33 Zoe Taylor tells the extraordinary story of a group of pioneering young Japanese women who reshaped the comics industry and the wider culture, challenged inherited ideas of gender and revolutionised visual storytelling. Taylor […]

VAROOM 23 Cover_Feature

The Varoom Report: Afterwords – The Awards Issue 23

  Afterwords: The Awards Issue  THE ILLUSTRATION REPORT Autumn 2013 ISSUE 23 Varoom 23: AfterWords: the Awards Issue spotlights a dramatic shift in our society and culture. In a world of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube our communication and interaction is shifting from words to images. This issue reveals the best international award winning images you’ll […]

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V33 – Come Together

  Collaboration, like God, is in the detail. Anna+Elena=Balbusso, Marco Lawrence, Chie Chihiro and Giulia Garbin have created collaborative work across illustration, print-making, limited run books and ceramics. In these extracts from the full article in Varoom 33 they share their thoughts and experiences on collaboration with Derek Brazell.   CHIE CHIHIRO are sisters working […]


LOL! Politics of Humour Pt. 2

    With politics firmly in the headlines both in the UK and USA, Varoom talks to four pioneering US image-makers about how the political cartoon is evolving. For a generation of people, the caricature on the newspaper Opinion pages was a brisk corrective to what was perceived as the outrages of politicians and governments. […]