WIA2023 – Longlist Category Highlights: Advertising

Discover some fantastic entry highlights by New Talent and Professional illustrators on the WIA2023 Advertising Longlist in this curated list. Featuring traditional campaigns such as billboards and posters, to cutting edge digital and social media ads, there’s an incredible range of illustration being commissioned to sell products and services across the world.

The World Illustration Awards 2023 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration!

Read on to see our Advertising Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

Simone Rotella 
The big turn


This illustration was created by Simone Rotella for an advertising contest, held by energy company IREN, to raise awareness of their new investments in the renewable energy field. This illustration is about renewable energy in the future. Simone imagined a wind turbine immersed in the forest, camouflaged among trees and discovered by a little girl.

Simone Rotella is a freelance illustrator working between London and Turin (Italy).

Raquel Feria Legrand 
Angel Schlesser Perfumes


Commissioned by La Resistencia Design, Raquel made three botanical illustrations for the packaging of three new perfumes of Angel Schlesser (peony, bergamot and orange blossom).

Raquel drew the designs by hand from picture references and created digital illustration later. 

Raquel Feria Legrand is a journalist and infographic designer for the newspaper Diario de Sevilla. 

Chloé Biocca 
GIA’s Characters, Modular Illustrative System


This illustration was created for GIA, a restaurant with Tuscan/Etruscan roots. The illustrations take root in Siena’s Contrade’s animals/symbols (Tower, Caterpillar, Panther, Girafe), in etruscan artifacts (vases/architecture), and in elements of biodynamic agriculture (sun/moon/olive branch). The illustrative system works as a modular grid, with the flexibility of many possible compositions.

Chloé Biocca is currently based in Canada and is a well-traveled illustrator, graphic designer and art director. 

Fengyi Ye 
Zodiac Rabbit 2023

New Talent

This illustration was commissioned for a jigsaw puzzle by VOX Puzzle; China Central Television (CCTV), celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.

“…my artwork involves deepening my understanding of my cultural roots, which come from my personal experience of living in different cultures. In my studio practice, I value first and foremost creating illustrations that authentically reflect Chinese culture in a way that Chinese viewers today will recognise and appreciate.”

Fengyi Ye is a Chinese illustrator based in New York. 

Zhuoran Li 
Sweden Smell of Yoku Moku

New Talent

This poster is designed for Yoku Moku, a snack brand from Japan. The poster promotes their signature product’s limited edition strawberry flavor, the Cigar Butter Cookie. The smoke rising from the cookie reveals the Swiss scenery that inspired the brand’s name.

Zhuoran Li is currently a grad student at Savannah College of Art and Design from Zhengzhou, China.

Bartosz Żuber 
Portraits of Musicians

New Talent

This series of portraits was made in silkscreen technique as a part of Master’s diploma in the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. This was a complementary series to the identification of a music festival to show a line-up that the author would love to see. The thing that connected those two projects was a mirror – making the viewer one of the portraits and an irreplaceable part of those events.

Bartosz Żuber is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Poland.

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18th May 2023

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