Interview with Sua Balac, World Illustration Awards 2019 New Talent Books Category Winner

Sua Balac is a professional illustrator based in Stuttgart, Germany. He studied Communication Design at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and has been working in different fields of illustration since graduating. His clients include Google, Apple and Usbek&Rica.

About the project

Illustre Bilder (“an illustration collection”) is a genuine project of the heart – my magnum opus (at least for now).

It did not only serve as my diploma project for the state academy of fine arts Stuttgart in 2018, (where I wanted to graduate with a bang), but as a collection of every illustration I did over a period of half a year, after reflecting on the topic of illustration and everything the current world of illustration has to offer.


Simply, what, how and where is illustration?


This was probably the most difficult and at the same time, the most interesting part. I researched illustration from the beginning, where it started, where it went and where it currently is.


Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, C4D, pencils, watercolors, cardboard.


For every new illustration I did in the book, I had to think anew; how do I want to it? Should it be an editorial piece or a portrait-illustration, digital or not? And then, I drew.


As always, time.


How much the illustration world has to offer.


218 pages in 183 days.


Just create and draw, a lot. And consciously make the time for it.

26th July 2019

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