How to choose your category

One of the questions we get asked a lot is ‘which category should I enter?’

We know it is sometimes tricky to decide which category to choose as sometimes projects can fit into more than one category.

Here are some tips on how to choose a category:

  • There are ten categories that reflect the broad sectors of illustration being made today, covering everything from advertising to publishing, site specific to editorial.
  • This year, there are new categories for publishing (any book for readers over 16yrs) and for animation.
  • You can enter any category, and you can enter different projects into different categories, or enter the same project into different categories. You can only choose one category per entry.
  • If you want to be seen as a specialist in a certain field, then consider placing your work in that category. Keep in mind where you want to position yourself as an illustrator, if in doubt.
  • Thinking about the application of the illustration can be a useful way to decide which category to enter. Read the category descriptions carefully and see if any specify the usage of your illustration.
  • You can enter the same project more than once into different categories, but you will need to upload and pay individually.
  • Work into any category can be commissioned or uncommissioned (including personal work, portfolio work or university projects).

Think about how you want to be seen when choosing your category, and remember you can enter the same work more than once into different categories.

For more help on preparing your entry, take a look at our Guide to Entering for more advice on putting your entries together.