As data and information increasingly shape our world, the need to understand and make sense of it is more important than ever.

Discover how illustration can untangle complex information and ideas, by building visual guides in formats including dictionaries, recipe books, infographics and more.

Fernando Cobelo: Zanichelli’s 2020 dictionaries

This project was commissioned by Italian publisher Zanichelli with the idea to make the dictionary a place to discover new places, new people and new cultures, as if it was a window, a door or a place you can go to get a general view of something bigger. A series of covers were produced for this illustrating the manifold benefits you can get when browsing a dictionary.

Fernando Cobelo is an award-winning illustrator born in Venezuela and based in Italy, where he works with visual metaphors and essential images.

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Angus Ulyett: Fresh Air

New Talent Ulyett created this work as part of a project at University called ‘Interpreting Information’. Analysing information in a visual way in order to find solutions to problems. This particular animated project shows how smoke inhalation contributes to and causes COPD in rural Uganda.

Angus Ulyett is a London based illustrator and animator. He studied illustration at the University of Plymouth and graduated in September 2019. Since then he has taken on a variety of freelance clients, ranging from corporate businesses to up and coming musicians.

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Rina Allek: Anatomy fun facts book

The purpose of this diploma project is to change the attitude of people towards anatomy as it is still often seen with distaste or prejudice and to increase interest, especially among young people and children. To be aware of your anatomy is the way to a healthy life. There are many aspects to this project, including a series of video tutorials, an illustrated book and collection of souvenirs as the artists shows the inner workings of our bodies in a friendly way.

Rina Allek is a recent graduate (2019) illustrator and animator from Moscow’s HSE ART & DESIGN SCHOOL. She is inspired by nature, fairytales, folklore, dreams and nightmares. In her artworks she mixes different techniques, digital and hand-drawing, linocut, etching, collage and others.

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Felicita Sala: Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street

This Children’s Publishing project is a collection of recipes linked by a reflection of how your environment affects your food habits and highlights how important your community is to the way you eat. It depicts in lovely watercolours personal stories behind memorable food the author encountered as a child, just after moving to Australia.

Felicita is a self-taught illustrator. She graduated in Philosophy from the University of Western Australia. She has worked on several animation projects along with husband Gianluca, but her passion is making picture books. She lives in Rome with Gianluca and their daughter Nina. She is represented by Scribble Agency.

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Jianan Liu: Culturalism

This project consists of a still image used as a cover for IPPR magazine and an animated gif. The image had to reflect the varied collection of essays on arts and culture and their relationship to politics and policy featured in the magazines. Each element, likened to a celebration and being inviting , depicts stories that were featured in the publication.

Jianan grew up in Beijing where she also studied. After that, she worked at a tech company as a UI designer for a year, then she went to the U.S. to continue her studies at Syracuse University for a year then came to Maryland Institute College of Art. Most of her works are editorial illustrations. She likes swimming and 90’s Pop Mandarin music.

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Hannah Rollings: Woodland Lifecycle Trail

This site specific project created in collaboration with the Forestry Commission forms part of Rollings practice-based PhD which seeks to address how to co design with children in communicating the Carbon Cycle, exploring the role of the interactive visual narrative in the design of the children’s picture book. Each page is designed to be a whole body experience loosely based on yoga positions enabling deeper reflection to ones place within nature. Through using visual scientific information with a new purpose a new relationship occurs between the physical act and the reading experience.

Hannah Rollings is an illustrator and lecturer working across publishing and editorial illustration. Represented by How Do You Do Illustration Agency, Hannah graduated in 2013 with a Masters Degree from the University of Brighton in Sequential Design and Illustration, previously graduating from Kingston University in 2007 with a BA in Illustration and Animation.

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NewsAri: An infographic of Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

This speculative work was created for general audiences who are interested in the story of nature. It depicts information of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, such as external distinction, inside workings, what they eat, where they live etc and collect everything within one poster page. By focusing on the look of the Lubber the viewer is drawn into the page and to discover extra information.

Arisa Jantaralap is originally from Thailand and currently studying scientific illustration at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. She has a passion for drawing and painting and aims to create an effective and attractive illustration presenting the beauty of nature and anatomical subject.

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Jacques Kleynhans: Zeb and the Bungle Bee of Death

This exploratory project collates the various styles Jaques Kleynhans uses in his illustration work with the aim to have simple images represent complex ideas. This board could provide information for players that seek non-linear inspiration to creativity and each little icon represents a line of thought from his mind.

Jacques Kleynhans is an illustrator and graphic designer born in The Free State, South Africa. After completing his degree at The Open Window School of Visual Communication, he has served as the creative director at two tech-innovation companies while pursuing a sideline career in fine arts throughout. Recently he has settled on illustration as a full-time passion and profession, and works alongside his wife between South Africa and The Netherlands.

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Pia Sun: Living Young with My Baby

This advertising campaign for a mall in Shenzhen is aimed at young people and shows that you can enjoy your passions and life as a young parent too. The information is conveyed in bold colours in 2D and 3D and shows young couples doing all sorts of enjoyable things while out and about in the mall with their children. Pia Sun focuses on the customer’s emotional experience, using visual elements to stimulate the customer’s senses.

Pia Sun comes from China, and now studies in Germany as an animation Student at University Kassel ( Kunsthochschuhle Kassel ). Creating illustrations and animations have been an integral part of her daily life.

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