One of the most exciting parts of the WIA Showcase is gaining an insight into the varied and experimental techniques and creative processes illustrators use to create their projects.

This gallery shows additional images, videos and sketches that offer a look into the making of an illustration.

Menghui: Balance

Menghui’s VR animations began life as sketches, renderings and then 3D models to create a virtual world.

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Joshua Donkor: Generational Memories

Joshua’s project was inspired by his family, and uses a rich combination of photographic imagery and painting.

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Nancy Liang and Fiona Lu: The Rabbit Lantern

Nancy and Fiona’s process to create a site specific installation, from initial sketches and collage, via paper models, to the final lantern.

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Ruth Waters: Lost Dog

Ruth shows how she uses collage technique to create her unique children’s book illustrations.

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Aysha Tengiz: A Spot of Loneliness

Aysha’s sketches from observation help her make these colourful images to tell a personal story.

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Cdka: Aaji swiping oldage

Bangalore-based illustrator and animator CDKA shows her complex process that takes her from sketching to an animated gif.

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Megan Evetts: Paradise Lost

Megan’s experimental book cover illustration was made using soot from a naked flame and a stencil to create a ghostly figure.

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Laura Wächter: Annie Ernaux Book Series

See how Laura’s slick digital illustrations evolve from her sketches.

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Anna Sokolova: Netflix Originals Delft Blue

Anna’s intricate, delicate illustrations are created using traditional watercolour techniques.

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Ding Ding: The Rubik’s Cube Building

Following a sketching process, the next stage of Ding Ding’s development of this project was to make a collage storyboard for each illustration.

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Phoebe Swan: Bloomsbury Farmers Market

See the evolution from observational sketches, to the building of digital colour.

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Nicoletta Traversa: LE TIGRI DELLA MALORA

Explore Nicola’s use of layered photographs and mark making to create her rich illustrations.

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Katherina Ryabinina: Hans Christian Andersen

See how Katherina uses monoprinting to create depth with a tactile quality.

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Sophie Cane: Ziran

Walk through Sophie’s project about sustainability in the fashion industry.

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