Peter Phobia is the New Talent winner of the Advertising Category. Here, he tells us more about his award-winning project, and his future plans.

“Neighbors Of New York” explores diversity and reflects on the beautiful mix of characters that give New York its unique flavor. The artworks were created for Link NYC and were displayed in New York on over 1,700 public screens across all five boroughs.


“Neighbors Of New York” is a tribute to a diverse city and a celebration of that spirit.


Living in New York and experiencing its vibrant life is a never-ending source of inspiration.


The artworks were drawn in Photoshop.


After scribbling thumbnail sketches to find ideas, I created refined sketches and translated those into a final artwork. Having experience in screen printing and riso had a big influence on my digital process.


Challenges make the process interesting and exciting. Sometimes it’s good to take a little break to clear your head and come back with fresh ideas.Setting up rules helped guide me through the process but knowing when to break those rules made this project special.


Setting up rules helped guide me through the process but knowing when to break those rules made this project special.


My phone is the biggest distraction, so I try to put it away while working. It helps me to stay focused.


The project took me 1,5 weeks of sleepless nights and lots of caffeine – it was totally worth it.


Looking back, there are always details I’d change in past projects. That’s good, because it’s evidence for progress. Making progress in my professional life, as well as my personal one is the ultimate goal.


Make friends, not contacts. As creatives we’re fortunate to surround ourselves with inspiring people.


Eventually moving to California would be a dream come true.

Dream Commission

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with lots of wonderful clients and know that the 16-year old me would be proud, but Nike and Apple are companies I’ve been a long-time fan of and would love to work with.

Favourite Thing to Draw

My passion for skateboarding led up to me becoming an illustrator, so translating that energy back into my drawings is one of my favorite things to do.


Currently I’m working out of my home studio in Brooklyn with my assistant Jose, who comes by daily through the open fire escape window. He is my neighbor’s cat.

Thank You

Thanks so much to the AOI, the judges and my assistant Jose!

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