Dion MBD is the New Talent winner of the Alternative Publishing Category. Here he gives his insights into how he made his award-winning project.

The book is self-published that I created as a passion project.


My (former) long distance relationship.


For most of the part, the research was done on settings. I wanted to create a world that is not specific to any that is in our own, but is relatable to many.


I used Muji pen and Pilot hi-tech-C for inking and Procreate for coloring digitally.


I began by doing a few sample pages to set the stylistic direction. I then chose one that I liked and began creating spreads one by one. I did not do a storyboard or a dummy for this project as I wanted the story to evolve on its own.


The main challenge came from deciding a direction. In the end I had to choose something that I was pleased with visually but was realistic enough to do.


I always shied away from creating a series but this project proved otherwise.


I really wanted to make the book special for my ex girlfriend but at the same time, I did not want to give it away. So I could not really ask for her opinion although I usually did.


32 pages, around 800 hours, over the course of 6 months.


I want to add more into the story and more pages in the book.


Do something that matters to you, not something you think people deem worthwhile.


Short term, I am trying to find the time to complete a graphic novel pitch. Long term, I want to start an association of illustrators here in Indonesia.

Dream Commission

If I could be hired by Criterion Collection, that will be wonderful.

Favourite thing to draw

Clouds, people, and stars.


I work mostly at home, in my room. I enjoy the flexibility.


I want to say thanks to Reb, and Thiel.

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