The Advertising Category celebrates illustration that sells, featuring everything from online campaigns, billboards, to print advertising.

Illustration offers a great way to tell visual stories for the purposes of advertising. Think of the relatable cartoon characters and colourful images that work in conjunction with products and services to create exciting and inviting campaigns.

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Tereza Prepadnik: X5GON

The brief by commissioner Studio Kruh asked Tereza to create a series of illustrations for the X5GON website to showcase the various ways it connects open educational resource sites.

The idea was to avoid rigidness and coldness of a typical tech site. She hopes to achieve this by illustrating the users in an inviting and relatable way. 

Tereza Prepadnik is an MA student illustrator based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Alongside her studies she exhibits her work and does freelance work as an illustrator.

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Anny Peng: Mind The Ghost

There are lots of mysterious ghost stories about ghosts on the London Underground. Amy illustrates these to arouse people’s curiosity. She did a lot of research about different stations and explored their histories.

The illustrations are developed from real stories and are created for possible use in promoting ghost tours on the underground, so they needed to be friendly rather than scary.

Anny used silkscreen and risograph printing to make these illustrations, processes that offer up interesting inaccuracies in the reproduced images.

Anny Peng is a Chinese student of Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London.

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Strange Beast: Travel Portland – Go Somewhere Different

Strange Beast was commissioned to produce the illustrated and animated Travel Portland campaign by Wieden+Kennedy OR.

Using the tagline “Go Somewhere Different”, the campaign is filled with bold characters and environments highlighting the uniqueness of the destination through the style of the illustration. 

To reflect the weird and wonderful quirks of Portland, Strange Beast commissioned an eclectic mix of 2D & 3D illustrators to respond to various taglines that focuses on an iconic aspect of the city.

Strange Beast is a creative studio based in the UK and provides a unique approach and artistically led solution to briefs.

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Bartosz Kosowski: Eraserhead

The poster by multi-award-winning Polish illustrator, Bartosz Kosowski, was created for Spoke Art and MiDNiTES for MANiACS 35mm screening of David Lynch’s Eraserhead at Roxie Theater. It was also available at the screening as a limited edition hand pulled screen print on metallic paper.

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Guang Lim: Crowded Times

After visiting New York back in 2018, he decided to create a piece that captures the atmosphere, simplifying the towering buildings and focusing on the diversity of the city. The image was drawn using brush and ink first, before scanning in and colouring it digitally.

Guang Lim is a recent graduate illustrator from Malaysia currently based in the United States.

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Simone Virgini: Poster 3×3 International Illustration Show No.17


This animated work by freelance illustrator Simone Virgini is the art for the 3×3 International Illustration Show No.17 and was used to advertise the call for entries. Since a new decade has just started the main theme was decided to be the “future”. The image was first created as a flat colour vector image and then shading was added before animating it with Procreate.

Simone has a degree in Fine Arts and has been moving around between Italy and Spain since 2014.

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Scott Balmer: Pecha Kucha Night

Creative Dundee commissioned this poster for their Pecha Kucha Night to promote the event online on social media.

The brief was to make it fun, colourful and random which best reflects Pecha Kucha. It follows a storytelling format where 20 images are shown with 20 seconds of commentary for each, and Scott aimed to capture the randomness by mixing characters walking past past one another as a form of showing all walks of life.

Scott is a freelance illustrator currently based near Dundee in Scotland.

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Jan Sedmak: Approdi Festival

This advertising poster was created for Approdi (“dockings” in Italian), an itinerant multidisciplinary arts festival held throughout the city of Trieste in a series of wonderfully evocative and hidden locations.

Jan Sedmak is an artist based in Italy, making illustrations and animations.

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IC4DESIGN: Kakuichi Yokocho

‘Kakuichi Yokocho’ is a modern online shop selling traditional Japanese side dishes. This futuristic illustration world for ‘Kakuichi Yokocho’ was created by  combining the internet and Japanese tradition together. In the image you can discover a lot of hidden stores such as the kelp market the Chinese noodles shop and also the first Kakuichi Yokocho shop when it was originally established.

IC4DESIGN is a production group consisting of Illustration and graphic design team. Based in Hiroshima, Japan.

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Laura Simonati : Superposthardbop Tour 2019

Initially this illustration was used to promote the Superposthardbop tour on social media and as A3 posters to be posted at local concert venues and bars. The illustration was later adapted for the packaging of the CD sold during the quartet’s concerts and parts of it used for profile pictures on Spotify.

This illustration was realised by hand-drawing using markers. After finalising the preparatory sketch, each single element of the image has been drawn and scanned separately.

Laura Simonati is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer. She is interested in working and experiment within different fields of Illustration, especially the editorial one. Her main passions are picture books and folk art.

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