Zhu Qiuzhen, President of Shenzhen Illustration Association (SIA)


Zhu Qiuzhen is the Executive President and Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Illustration Association (SIA)

Zhu Qiuzhen has many years of experience in the field of art projects, art institutions operation, and art copyright authorization. She has made outstanding contributions in promoting the commercialization of Chinese illustration, expanding the field of illustration commercial application, and improving the commercial application of Chinese illustration.

Maintaining in-depth cooperation with leading Chinese commercial brands and well-known historical museums, she has participated in and led hundreds of exhibitions and activities such as “Borderless Pan-Art Illustration Carnival”, “China Illustration Industry Forum”, “Global Illustration Industry Conference”, “Creative China/Illustration Night” and many more.

Zhu Quizhen will be judging the Exploration category

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