Yulong Lli
My Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I did this series of illustrations for my exchange course project on creating something that represents yourself. I want to discuss this topic by introducing my family's Chinese New Year reunion dinner because food is the best choice for me to take a look at my culture also represent me as well.

How was the illustration used:
Some illustrations on the menu from Chinese restaurants in the UK inspired me, like stereotypically traditional decorations and the introductions of dishes.

How did you make this work:
I connect those dishes with people who not only build a relationship with me by teaching me their recipes but also affect me profoundly. The food I cooked is a unique way of expressing my love to them. Meanwhile, it also reflects who I am, with my unique memory, experience, and self- identification.

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Yulong Lli is a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator studying at the China Academy of Art, and he will receive his MFA soon. His illustration style ranged from culture blending of eastern and western in Shanghai, such as Vintage illustration poster, Modernism arts, and graphic design. His clients include NYtimes, Apple, Airbnb, Google, LVMH, Bloomberg Businessweek, and so on.