Yulin Xu
Good morning Nanjing, coffee or tea?

A morning city landscape drawing of the city of Nanjing China


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My hometown Nanjing is a Modernized historical city. Nanjing is wild, noisy, full of vitality and contradictory. Residential buildings maintained their appearance 50 years ago. But the internet-famous shops are embedded in the historic buildings. To present the "contradictory sense" of the city, I combined digital painting, hand drawing and fabrics to make a digital collage for this picture.

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Glasgow School of Art, China Academy of Art

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Yulin Xu is a human who chooses illustration as her career. She is currently based in Nanjing, China. She achieved BA in the Chinese Painting program of the CAA in 2015 and the Mdes in the Illustration program of the GSA. She thinks a sense of humor is a significant aspect of her work. In addition, she also likes to explore the boundaries between illustrations and handcraft and balabalba.