Yukai Du
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Why did you make this work:
Commissioned by Post Office China, I was assigned to create a set of commemorative stamps to celebrate the five latest and most important technologies in the country. The five stamps are the moon landing of Chang'E 4, the new Alzheimer’s disease drug GV-971, the discovery of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect, the first primate clones and the China spallation neutron source.

How was the illustration used:
Postal and collectible stamps in China.

How did you make this work:
The five technologies are all very complicated and not easy for people to understand how they work. Unlike photography, the magic of illustrations is to combine different abstract elements with real objects like buildings, rockets, landscapes in the same space. I used many icons and symbols to represent each technology that people can read into the stamps.

Commissioner Company :
China Post Office

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Yukai Du, originally from China, is a London-based illustrator and animator.