YI-CHIN CHEN : polite ghost

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Why did you make this work:
This is a collection of children's poetry. Writer Xia Xia writes poems for her children, and I use illustrations to describe the world of poetry for children. I really enjoy drawing for children, so when I received an invitation to collaborate, I quickly agreed. Drawing pictures that make children happy is what motivates me to draw.

How was the illustration used:
This illustration is the only book illustration in the series of poems, drawing 20 works.

How did you make this work:
Before starting the work we discussed and established the illustration style, in a”collage”style.After I read the text of the poetry book, I will make a sketch proposal, and the two parties will confirm the sketch and then make the final draft.I have the freedom to collage the finished work, and I also work on book design while drawing illustrations.

Commissioner Name :
Xia Xia
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Graduated from the Design Institute of National Taiwan Normal University, now a full-time illustrator and creator.She feels that "painting can make me a better person" and wants to create works that make people feel calm and warm. Apart from painting, my favorite things are storage, walking, and being close to nature.