Sam Ki
Yen Town – The Last Unpolluted Territory

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Architectural Drawings

Process: Digital architectural 3D modeling, rendering, detailed computer line drawings with textures and colours applied in Photoshop

Formats: Original drawings in Quad Elephant size

Brief Requirements: Poetics of a Resilient City: Design an architectural proposal to establish an intellectual critical position on urban resilience. Individuals are asked to focus on the spatial and phenomenological speculations that emerge when predictive fiction and its poetic functions are applied to cities.

Key Brief Ideas: A series of drawings capturing the tranquil atmosphere and architectural space of a fictional island where purity is defined as the currency of a future resilience city. The illustrations incorporate architectural drawing techniques and representation including sections, plans, axonometric and perspective. Japanese traditional woodblock print composition is adapted to illustrate the imagined architectural landscape created through the speculative processes of manufacturing purity on the disputed Senkaku Island designed by the artist.

College: Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London