Yawen Hu


Un-commissioned | New Talent

How were your illustrations used? :
College or university project, Print/poster or postcard, Self Promotion/portfolio

How did you make this work:
This project is a zine of fantasy, called Daydreaming, including 3 spreads, the cover, and the back. It’s about a girl who daydreamed in the physics class, that she traveled to the moon, witnessed the birth of the stars, and came back to the classroom, whereas the classroom was empty and planets and books were floating in the air.

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School of Visual Arts

Currently Based:
United States of America (USA)

Yawen is an illustrator based in New York and Wuhan, China. She is a senior studied in School of Visual Arts for Bachelor of Art, and she specialized in graphic illustrations and 2D animations. She is interested in storytelling and the aesthetics of composition in poetic images. She hopes to bring joy and temperature through the vivid colors.