Xiaomu Zhao : Dangerous Garden

Book Covers

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
David Stewart's Dangerous Garden reveals a very different aspect of plants. Plants are not just what they look like. Plants can be dangerous and plants respond to the world in unique ways. This work has greatly inspired me to study different aspects and characteristics of plants.

How was the illustration used:
Book Cover or Editorial Illustration

How did you make this work:
Black Cardboard, Gouache

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Camberwell, University of Arts London
MA Illustration
Year of Graduation:

My name is Xiaomu Zhao and I am an illustrator from Shanghai. Now I am studying on MA Illustration at Camberwell. I used to study engineering and worked as a data analyst. After that, I decided to follow my heart and devote myself to art. My recent research area is plant consciousness.