World Of Wonder

Site Specific

Image Type: multiple

Usage: The illustration was installed at the staff entrance to the recently built LinkedIN Dublin offices and runs the entire length of the corridor, (7.25 metres long by 2.9 metres in height). On the opposite smaller wall of the entrance the client permanently hanged the framed original A0 sized artwork for viewing and comparison. The illustration was printed on large rolls of paper which were applied to the wall in the corridor.

Process: I began drawing a variety of characters and landscapes in my sketchbook over one week. I then moved to a sheet of A0 sized Canson paper and spent over a month creating a detailed pencil drawing of all the characters in a landscape. This scaled drawing was shown to the client, and then I started the final illustration on a new sheet of A0 Canson paper. While drawing I constantly referred to the original detailed sketch as a guide to help me improve and develop the finished piece over two months. The finished drawing was then scanned and edited in Photoshop. Separately, some smaller items were drawn on a sheet of Canson paper, scanned and added to the final digital artwork file.

Materials: This illustration was drawn on a sheet of A0 Canson watercolour paper. I used a mixture of pencil leads from H to 8B for the majority of the drawing. Pitt pencils were used for shading. Copic and UniPin pens 0.05 – 0.1 for the fine detail work, and an ink brush pen for foliage. After scanning the image I used a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and a variety of Photoshop brushes to define and edit the finished artwork.

Formats: The work was completed as a digital file which I scanned from a drawing on a sheet of A0 Canson paper.

Brief Requirements: With your talent to express ideas visually through art, we would like to see how you envision the concept of a guiding spirit on individual journeys and the different meanings that connections and opportunity have to individuals.

Key Brief Ideas: I imagined a world full of individual characters who are active in a landscape where creativity and ideas are free to move, float and grow. A unique place where one action triggers another action and the characters guide one another to achieve their potential. I used fine detailed etching marks to connect the individuals to their environment. I wanted the viewer to get lost in this world, to engage with it and be inspired in their own thoughts.

Commissioned For: LinkedIN Dublin

Commissioner Company: Seek Design