Olivia M Healy
Wisdom Posters

Image Type: multiple

Usage: A series of three illustrated posters celebrating hard-won wisdoms and insights.

Process: Gouache paintings scanned and assembled within Adobe Photoshop

Materials: Gouache, Ink, Adobe Photoshop

Formats: Paintings of the individual aspects of each illustration are done originally on A3 sheets of card.

Brief Requirements: Dig deep into your hard-won wisdom and life lessons, and celebrate them through illustration or photography. Identify the advice you’d like to give, and create a series of 3 posters or prints to visually bring your insights to life. They say a picture’s worth a thousand. Create images that pack a punch and get to the core of the heartfelt advice you’re trying to express.

Key Brief Ideas: For my response to this brief, I chose to create three illustrations which maintained the themes of human’s connection and harmony with nature, and the strength of females/femininity. This is an underlying message communicated throughout all my work and I wanted it to be strongly represented within this project. Using nature as a vehicle to express the ideas, I conveyed the separate messages of each poster and portrayed how I was able to overcome hard points in my life by obtaining these mind-sets and finding harmony within myself and life.

College: Falmouth University

Commissioner Company: D&AD and Adobe